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Monday, May 08, 2006

The First and Only Fan of 'The B Side'

a flattering comment from Status Aint Hood.....

Whether Breihan is a "hipster" is irrelevant. What's important (for me, at least) is that he shows all the hallmarks of an indie rock kid who is a relative latecomer to rap music, one of which is a very weak grasp on the concept of rap vocalism (Hey, I thought Jaydee’s lyrics almost always sucked, but he could rap. He had a strong voice and rhythm—he could ride a beat—that’s all he could do, basically. That’s more than I can say about a large number of the vocalists such critics champion).

The fact that he gets to review rap for the Village Voice shows how little it has for rap criticism: nothing against Breihan, but can you imagine a major publication allowing a hip hop kid to feature indie rock reviews?

I actually enjoy his musings despite all of this, primarily because they are sincere, good reads. Mostly, though, I’m fascinated by how they evoke hostile racialized exchanges between the (mostly) white-identified newjacks, and the (mostly) black-identified newjacks, both of whom have really poor taste in rap; the former group either praises terrible white or nerd rap or terrible black thug rap (when they need to distinguish themselves from the other indie journalists); the latter group praises stagnant, self-righteous “conscious”/ 4-elements crap/anti-commercial crap. The two are very similar, but will never see it. The fact that they dominate a lot of internet rap discussion and fail to acknowledge other alternatives (aside from equally stagnant obsolete old-timer rap) is precisely why pages like bsidewinzagain’s are fantastic, but doomed to obscurity.

Posted by: eauhellzgnaw [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 8, 2006 09:45 AM

That's a good look right there. I didn't know ANYONE read, let alone liked this thing. I'll have to keep it moving once my antitrust final is over. But until then its all about vertical restraints.....Be back with more jewels soon.


Ashtray-face said...

rap is cool, has been for a number of years now, all that talk about what is and isn't hip hop is stupid.

even more stupid is questioning saying the guy at status ain't is a white hipster. maybe, maybe not, but he is a good writer, and his taste in rap is pretty on point. the clipse are great, so is Nore so is mos def, who cares.

Me, i like to smoke a blunt and ride in the chauffered navigator, or drive a little c-class or something, from union square up madison ave to the bronx at three in morning on a tuesday and listen to the musings of rae when he remembers it was all so simple. buy some coke at the spot and listen to CNN's war report and then get too emotional and blast whitney houston and cry and wonder why bobby brown is still alive.

sometimes its nirvana, sometimes its dirt dog.

that, internet commentors, is what it is about.

bsidewinzagain said...

i think you are right in terms of listeners. but in terms of people who choose to commentate on the music, there is a difference. tom is a white kid who loves a lot of music that affirms the WORST stereotypes of black people. if he wants to listen to it, fine. but if he's going to talk about it, he should acknowledge that. or else it is a little strange, if not racist...

Ashtray-face said...

Dipset is some ig'norat shit. without a doubt, and for all their talk about being a movement, they suck. and they are probably gay too (not as a diss, but are in fact homosexual, you can check out some of the uptown drag shows over in spanish harlem where Jimmy J. chills on 115 and second.)

movements are not built around aquiring money and ugly cars, they generally have some sort of socialogical or spiritual element to them. both which are nocticably lacking. if status ain't is in fact glamorizing them, then it my be both strange and racist.

but, thankfully, he is not in a postion to glamorize anything. the last thing i read was about a pirate band from syracuse, guess what? that doesn't sound at all cool. he runs a silly web log, but if you are implicating him as a sign of a general trend, then, i guess i can accept that.

remember that white kids loved NWA and public enemy long before dipset. and white kids love pete daugherty, and white kids love dawsons creek, and white kids love wearing headbands and ironic t-shirts. get it? white kids love everything!!

bsidewinzagain said...

true that ashtray-face. how did you find the blog?

Matt Gilmour said...

Hey, I found your blog while on the Village Voice. Interesting stuff and I agree with a lot of what you had to say. I'm going to add a link to yours on mine when I get home from work.

I'm white and though I've been listening to hip-hop since around 8th or 9th grade, it's only been in the last year and a half or so that I've really begun to learn and understand the music and culture a little better (though I still have a long way to go). I was fortunate to make some friends--black and white-who were into hip-hop, but WEREN'T hipsters (My boy Nick has wide tastes, but he's a hip-hop head at heart).

My tastes in hip-hop vary from the commercial to the underground to the socially conscious, but I definitely understand (and share) the concerns you raised about white hipsters celebrating "crack" rap and suddenly turning on the conscious cats.

Anyways, just wanted to throw that out there and tell you'd I'd be reading. I haven't written that much about hip-hop on my blog, but feel free to drop by. My friend Paul ( is a big hip-hop fan too, so check him out as well. He's always whoring himself out for readers. Peace.

bsidewinzagain said...

yo matt--thanks for reading. as soon as i have a chance to adjust my links ill add a link to your site. looks pretty good, though i havent had much of a chance to read yet. let the hip hop kids you know know about this spot and tell them to lemme know how they feel.

ill holla....


steveburks said...

What is "old-timer rap"?