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Saturday, May 13, 2006

BSide's Burnas Week 1

as a new feature on the bside im going to put up an occasional 30 min. mix of what i'm into at ag. i'd like to say that its going to be weekly, but who knows. just so you know, i'm not a dj, so i've done the best i can putting together 30 minutes of music with some continuity. and you'll be happy to know that i resisted the urge to ruin it with loads of chuck d drops....

anyways here goes week 1. includes about 8 tracks by everyone from redhead kingpin to ice water slaughter....i know. sounds like a real winner. but give it a try. i think its all right. but if it sucks, lemme know....

bside's burnas week 1

1 comment:

Matt Gilmour said...

I listened to the mix today while I ate lunch -- good shit. I only recognized the Rick Ross track, which I'll be shouting out in an upcoming entry, but I thought it was all tight, especially some of the closing tracks.

Any chance we could get a track order for us out of touch folks?