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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

game stepped up

this dude has stepped his game up big time (ok, pun intended). the documentary was a fantastic album, but not necessarily because of him. it was the production and the songwriting. game just happened to be there. sure, on the documentary he was okay, but he definitely teetering on the verge of annoying. as every blogger/message board cat in the world pointed out, the name dropping sucked, and overall it seemed like he was trying too hard. but the production was so good that he just slid by and it was a great album despite him.

but on doctor's advocate, he's in a whole other place. the man has matured by leaps and bounds. the production doesn't even need to be as good because he can carry a song on his own. but nonetheless, its phenomenal (with contributing the hottest joint). granted there's some name-dropping, but its not nearly as aggregious as it was on the documentary. but for the most part he's name dropping people he actually knows.

part of the reason i was turned off by game before was the whole "heir-to-nwa" schtick. but on this record he actually seems like he is hte modern day NWA. on the documentary it was all talk. now it seems like he's the real deal. it's like the experience with 50, dre aftermath, and the sheisty record business has forced him to grow. and the anger and maturity are allcoming out on this album.

to me there are a couple of weak spots. the hook on the first song is really corny. the whole bit about all stars, khakis, chronic, and locs is so cheesy. i mean can you get anymore trite when talking about how la gangster you are? that's what kids in duluth think is gangster. come with some shit i don't know......

the other thing that is a plus and minus is how much he sounds like dre (as someone on the lawn so observantly pointed out). its distracting because sometimes i think im listening to dre. its weird. but he sounds good at it so its a double-edged sword.

all and all this is the album to beat for 4th quarter 06. of course, i haven't heard the others. but nas and jay z are going to have a tough time topping this one. clipse on the other hand, i think they could top this, but it all remains to be seen......

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Attica Wolfcastle, Esq. said...

Hey, I didn't know you wrote a blog! I thought Peter was the only Internet addict in the Rosenberg family. (It's Tijana, BTW.)

On the topic of The Game... Are you serious?!? The guy was on "Change of Heart," for Christ's sake. I'm sorry, but no matter how well produced he is and how dope the beats that someone else makes for him are, he'll always be a poor man's Ja Rule with facial tattoos. (On second thought... They're both douchebags.) I'm sorry. I fucking hate him with a passion. It's all personal and completely unsubstantiated.

Awesome blog, by the by!