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Sunday, June 11, 2006

i knew there was something special about christina aguilera...

wow. this new christina aguilera joint produced by dj premier is out of this world. the horns are screaming m.o.p. and the drums are screaming deelite. what gives?!

the fact that this is as good as it is only confirms my thinking that hip hop is in a really weird (not bad) place right now. i mean you have cee-lo putting out a strange but awesome almost-rock album. badly dressed white kids who used to love common are now freaking out about big pokey. and now top it all of with christina aguilera doing a record with premo, the only man who might possibly embody NY hip hop.

well there isn't much else to say except that i've already listened to this like 5 times in a row. records like this give me hope that hip hop actually might be interesting still...


Matt Gilmour said...

I caught most of that performance last night during a commercial break of the Mavericks game. Sounded like hot shit too me. I already mentioned on my blog a while back that I'm really looking forward to her new disc.

Well, I was before she announced it was going to be a double album. That's NEVER good. When are artists going to learn...

PS: Thanks for posting that pic, I'll be saving that to my computer when I get home. Hi-yoooooooooooooooo.

ashtray-face said...

wasn't redman on a song of hers?

she smoke blunts, i read about it in Star magazine, let her live.

as for your comments about the cee-lo album, very predictable. kind of weird? almost rock? people are going to think is so avant-gaurd but really, its brain numbing and pretty bad.

check the cee-lo green and his perfect imperfections record for weird avant gaurd rap, cause he murders the whole shit. its like people talking about outkast, or andre 3000 and saying how good speakerbox is, guess what? it sucks and aquimeni way wierder.

also its pretty dorky to be excited about a picture.